Lukasz P. Kozlowski


Proteome-pI - Proteome Isoelectric Point Database (the database contains data for >21 million of sequences from 5,029 proteomes calculated by 18 methods, single author project, published in Nucleic Acids Res.)

IPC - Protein isoelectric point calculator (~ 200 visitors per day, single author project, published in Biology Direct)

MetaDisorder – prediction of intrinsic disorder in proteins (during 2008-2010 I developed the best program according CASP beating over 20 other programs for protein disorder prediction in blind test, see here, group 153, the publication cited >130 times)

GeneSilico fold recognition server – the development and the maintenance, in over 5 years I integrated there >100 bioinformatics tools related to protein structure prediction, currently the platform uses 1.7TB of disc space for the programs and another 2TB for biological databases e.g., PDB, nr, most updated weekly; it is run in parallel on three blade servers connected through >40 GB MySQL database (over 3500 registered users)

CompaRNA – continuous benchmarking of RNA structure prediction methods

GDFuzz3D – protein contact map to 3D structure retrieval service

Shannon Entropy Calculator (~100 visitors per day)

In free time active Wikipedian

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