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====     Animated plots part 1  =====

Exercise 3

1) Scrap some youtube video with plots e.g.
and convert it into animated gif.

- use web browser plugins, youtube-dl or similar tools
- convert mp4 into gif using ffpmeg and convert (ImageMagic)

As you learned how to make animated gif by joining the image files ('convert' command 
from ImageMagic), now it is time to go back to python scripting and do some serious plotting. 

2) Given the data from The Word Bank:
do animated bar plots (gif file) for all years for:

a) 5 most populated countries (filter out groups like South Asia, OECD, etc.)

b) pick one country and year at random and then find 4 other countries that are the closest by 
population size (either + or -) in given year and do similar plot (e.g., Chile at 1985 and 4 other countries)

c) the same as (b) but this time use Poland as "the centroid"

The report regarding point 2 should be made in HTML. Plus three plots and 
three python scripts should be added to the project folder. All files 
should be send until 15.03.2020 via email to 
with the email subject: 'lab3_hw_Name_Surname' without email text body and with 
'lab3_hw_Name_Surname.7z' (without Polish letters) attachment.
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