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                            Part 2

Use the passenger data from Titanic shipwreck to answer question 
"what sorts of people were more likely to survive?”

You will be given: name, age, gender, socio-economic class, etc) 


The data has been split into two groups:

- training set (train.csv)
- test set (test.csv)

Class description:

pclass: A proxy for socio-economic status (SES)
1st = Upper, 2nd = Middle, 3rd = Lower

age: Age is fractional if less than 1. If the age is estimated, is it in the form of xx.5

sibsp: The dataset defines family relations in this way...
Sibling = brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister
Spouse = husband, wife

parch: The dataset defines family relations in this way...
Parent = mother, father
Child = daughter, son, stepdaughter, stepson
Some children traveled only with a nanny, therefore parch=0 for them.


3) ML models building
a) train Nearest Neighbors
b) train Support Vector Machine (RBF & GridSearchCV)
c) train MLPClassifier (check Adam vs. lbfgs and relu vs. tanh)

In all cases make some scripts and summaries in the form of tables 
(e.g. with scores from different setups)

Again, this week no homework (yet)
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